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Flame Spray Gun

Airo Shot Blast are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Flame Spray Guns & Zinc Spray Gun.We provide best solution of Flame Spray technologies. Airo shot blast is indian Flame Spray Gun Manufacturer with provide Flame Spray System Equipment. Our Wholesale price is very low of metal spray guns & We are Metal Spray Gun Manufacturer and indian Zinc Spray Gun manufacturer

Airo Shot Blast Equipments offers Flame Spray gun. Flame Spray Process is basically the spray of molten metal as zinc, copper, aluminum on the surface for provide a coating. If Zinc is sprayed then called Zinc Spray Gun, Copper is Spraying then its Copper Spray Gun, Aluminum is spraying then its will be Aluminum spray gun.  The molten material can be wire form and powder form depend on applicaton. Coating wire  or powder is melted in gun and atomized with compressed air and deposit on the surface. The molten metal drops solidify on the surface of substrate.


Technical Advantages of Flame Spray Gun:
Less oxides
Coatings can be easier to machine due to reduced oxide 

Economic Advantages:
Higher deposit efficiency with low melting point materials such as aluminum and zinc 
Lower initial equipment cost 

Operational Advantages:
Non-conductive wires can be sprayed 
Less fine dust created when spraying makes overspray less flammable or explosive 
More portable for on-site spraying 
Simple to ignite
Easy to operate
High spray rate with low gas consumption
Low maintenance design reduces operating costs
Can be used with both hard and soft wires
Extension modules for internal bore applications 

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