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Spinner Hanger Shot Blasting Machine

In hanger type shot blasting machine, component will be hanged and can be rotated. The Hanger are mounted on the doors of the machine. For the blasting operation the door of the machine is opened and components are loaded on to the hanger. The blast wheel unit is operated when the door is closed. Two Nos. of blast wheel stations are located strategically around the cabinet fires abrasives on rotating components. After the blast cleaning cycle is over, the blast wheel is shut off and door is opened for unloading of components.The components are shot blasted homogeneously all around on the rotating hanger and blast clean the components. In this type of airless shot blasting machine the blast cleaning media is propelled by centrifugal blasting wheels. Automation is provided by tunnel, swing table, tumblast, rotary barrel, hanger type etc.

Major parts of the machine include, over head conveyor for job conveying, blast wheel for giving high production output, & the media recovery, consist of bucket elevator, rotary screen separator screw conveyor, etc. & pleated bag reverse jet type dust collector.

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