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Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine

The swing table type machine is made in such a way that it suits to small to big foundries. Components are loaded on a rotary table and get shot blasted. These machines can be supplied in one / two doors with table. In case of double door machine, one door can be used for shot blasting and the second door for loading & unloading at the same time & vice versa. In this type of airless shot blasting machine is useful where a single side is to be shot blasted at a time. The machine is equipped with a high performance centrifugal blast wheel. The abrasives are thrown upon the work pieces kept on the table by this wheel. The abrasives are transferred by screw conveyor into boot of elevator. Clean abrasives gravitate down into wheel for blasting purpose. Hence the machine is most economical in operation. Dust collector options are available, i.e. fabric, cartridge type. The machine is available with various optional features like, abrasive replenishes, rotary screen separators, second door, electronic brake system for blast wheels, program-logic control system, time control, sound reducers etc.



  • Cleaning of castings and forgings.
  • Descending and descaling of casting and forgings.
  • Shot peening of heavily stressed components.
  • Removal of heat treated scales.
  • Aesthetic finishing of dye casting of aluminum, zinc and alloy steels.
  • Preparation of surfaces for protective coating.

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