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We have value added of our relationships with prospective Stake Holders, Employees, Vendors, Suppliers, Agents, Applicants, Clients, Lessees (Users), and we hold all information of Users in confidential. Accordingly, we will not use information that provide to the Stake Holders, Employees/ Suppliers/ Employee/ Supplier/ Vendor/Site to send end users unsolicited communication, nor will such information be sold, traded, or shared with any third party, including advertisers, organizations, or other users.


To improve the quality of our site and enhance its many features, our site does collect data about site traffic and page use. Our site does track the type of browsers that visit and how often, and in what sequence, our pages are viewed. From time to time our company may publish information about activity on our site using aggregated information that will not include the identities of users.


Liability of Seller under this warranty is conditioned upon the parts or equipment being assembled, installed, operated and maintained in accordance with instructions approved by Seller. Seller makes no warranties which extend to damage to the equipment or parts due to deterioration occasioned by chemicals, abrasion, corrosion, Buyer's improper assembly, installation, erection, operation, maintenance, abnormal conditions of temperature,or operation of the equipment or parts above rated capacities or in an otherwise improper manner. Seller's sole responsibility for defects in material and workmanship in equipment and parts, and Buyer's exclusive remedy hereunder, shall be limited as above provided.


For the safety purposes, it is important to provide the proper indication of warning with respect to probable risk while operating the equipment and to be present in vicinity of equipment.Observe and inspect your equipment and determine what types of risks exist and what type of warning signs you will need.
Review the list of available signs below and consult with your Customer Service Representative for pricing and availability.