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Blast Room System

Leading Manufacturer and wholesaler of Sand, Shot and Abrasive Blasting room and booths. Our largest Blat room manufacturing factory,  companies in india. We design and supply customized grit blasting room with dust collectors and Exports low cost and best quality sandblasting booths. We provide Steel panel booth - Conventional steel panelled booths is easy to assembly. Rubber Linning in blast room protest for wear tear of blastingbooth walls.  Dust collectors is used for dust collecting during sandblasting in blastbooth. Portable sandblasting machine is placed outside of chamber and operator do blasting inside chamber by blasting hose. Portable blasting machine is automated on off by deadman handle. Recovery Syetem is two types- mechanical and vaccum, In vacuum recovery system compressed air is used for transfer grit and In automatic recovery system during grit, sand blasting abrasive fall down in conveyor and transfers in bucket elevator, bucket elevator separate usable shot and non usable by media separator, Usable shots fall down in sand blasting hopper and this process will continue. During shot blasting operation operators wear safety wear which protect from high velocity abrasives.  Blast Room system can Steel fabricated or Civil Constructed, in Civil constructed blast room door will be steel fabricated will air louvers, Air louvers enter required air as per dust collection system. Door of Blast room can be sliding and hinged type, we can supply according to customer need and space available at customers workshop. Dust Collector of blast room chamber many types, most popular is Cyclone Type, Reverse Pulse jet Pleated filter, Motorized shaking type. We supply these dust collectors as per customer need and specification of component.

sandblasting booth design is customized as per customer need its can fully automated or manually type.


Recovery System :

  1. Mechanical Recovery (Screw Conveyor and bucket elevator)
  2. Vacuum Recovery


Dust Collectors:

  1. Cyclone Type Dust Collector
  2. Reverse Pulse Jet Pleated Filter Dust Collector
  3. Motorized Shaking Fabric Bag Dust Collector

Shot Blasting Room:

The size of the enclosure depends on

The size of job.

                           Number of operators.

                           Adequate working space around the job.


Blast Room Enclosure Can Be Two Types:

Modular (Metallic) Construction: The modular blast room is a fully sealed, dust tight, all steel structure,viable to be made in varying size. The  components are prefabricated for simple bolt- together erection on site. Booths  based on this design meet the majority of  customers requirements.  

Blast Room System Includes Following Features:

Abrasive Blasting Machine.

Abrasive Recovery & Re-cycling System.

Dust Collectors

Job Handling System.

Wall Protection Rubber Lining.


Electric Control Panel.

Operator Safety Wears.

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