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Blast Room System

Blast rooms are used for big components or components where automatic blasting would be too expensive. In combination with nozzle manipulators installed in the blast room, surfaces can be automatically processed and areas that are hard to access can be blasted manually. Thus, the flexibility is maintained while reducing the number of blasters needed and  the dirty surface of any work place can be easily cleaned by a mixture of abrasive and high pressure compressed air that is being directed at the work place by blast nozzle.Blast room equipment is used in a wide variety of industries that require surface preparation prior to the application of a protective coating/painting/corrosion removal/surface finishing.The blast room contains the abrasive being shot at the work piece, as well providing lighting & ventilation for the operator's safety.The main feature of an  blast room is that the operator is inside the room during the blasting process. A protective suit and a helmet protect the operator from abrasive impact, and a fresh air supply provides sufficient ventilation through the blaster‘s airfed  helmet. A dust collection system provides visibility; recovery floor sections convey the spent abrasive to an abrasive cleaning system which returns only good abrasive to the blast machine. Our sand/shot blasting rooms in various ranges and can customize them according to customer specifications. full floor reclaim system utilizes multiple screws assy to crease a fully automatic abrasive reclaim system.


Blast Room Enclosure:

The size of the enclosure depends on

The size of the job.

                         Number of operators.

                         Adequate working space around the job.


A Blast Room Enclosure Can Be Two Types:

Modular (Metallic) Construction: The modular blast room is a fully sealed, dust tight, all steel structure,viable to be made in varying size. The  components are prefabricated for simple bolt- together erection on site. Booths  based on this design meet the majority of  customers requirements.

Masonry (Civil) Construction: This type of construction is cementies construction and scope of customer.


A Blast Room System Includes Following Features:

Abrasive Blasting Machine.

Abrasive Recovery & Re-cycling System.

Dust Collecting System.

Job Handling System.

Wall Protection Rubber Lining.


Electric Control Panel.

Operator Safety Wears.

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