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Abrasive/Grit/Shot Recovery & Re - Cycling System

Abrasive recovery system include three basic functions:

Removing fines, dust and unwanted material from the abrasive before it enters the blast machine to re-use.

The abrasive delivering too a central recovery point which rebounds off the workpiece.

The abrasive transfer to central point to an abrasive cleaner.


Mechanical Recovery System

Consists of Screw Conveyor System, Abrasive Cleaner, & Bucket Elevator.

Air Ejector Recovery System

The spent abrasives are swept from the blast room floor and pushed in one corner, where abrasives is collected in to feed hopper & from the feed hopper, the abrasives are pneumatically lifted through elevator pipe and collected in a storage hopper where it is gravitationally feed to the blasting machine. This  recovery system pneumatically lift the abrasives and also filter and separates out the fines and oversized particles.

Scrapper Floor Recovery System

The scrapper floor recovery system is typically suited to a production shot blasting environment. The floor for the automatic recovery of abrasive materials in blast room is made up of modular corridors of six standard widths that can be produced to any length, giving enormous flexibility to recover from virtually any floor area. The Airflex recovery floor has a series of flexible scraper blades set at preset intervals in each corridor. The blades rest against galvanised steel combs thus allowing it to push or pull the abrasive when the comb is behind the flexible scraper. On the alternate stroke the comb passes through the abrasive and the scraper blade passes over it. This back and forth motion, when repeated, causes the abrasive to be shunted along with each alternate stroke. Eventually each individual accumulation of abrasive, in the linear corridors, is deposited into a transversal corridor running at right angles to the rest of the floor. This transversal corridor transfers the abrasive to the elevator and grit wash.

Pneumatic Abrasive Recovery Systems

Pneumatic recovery floor allows for less dense media to be pneumatically recovered over large areas. Powered by a high pressure blower, our system includes an integrated system of valves that are linked to a number of recovery zones. Our control system automatically rotates through these zones, evacuating them of media one at a time. It is common in such facilities, particularly those facilities using plastic media, to add additional re-classification equipment, which may include one or more of the following:

  • Re-classification sieves eliminate oversize and undersized contaminants
  • De-ionizers eliminate static charge from the media
  • Magnetic separators eliminate ferrous contamination from within the media
  • Dense particle separators eliminate non-ferrous contamination from within the media


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