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Rotary Barrel Shot Blasting Machine

Rotary barrel type shot blasting machine designed  for shot blast cleaning of small or medium size iron, alloy ferrous castings ,steel, forgings, heat treated parts, pressings and fabrications at the lowest possible cost. Rugged and sturdy overall construction of machine ensure minimum maintenance cost and operational, where vulnerable components are lined with wear resistant materials. The cleaning rate depends on degree of surface preparation required, nature of job, and type of abrasive used. In rotary barrel type shot blasting machine, Blast wheel most effective abrasive throwing unit fitted capable of projecting optimum quantity of abrasive per horse power. It is capacity 100/150 kgs load 1.5/3 cft effective volume. The protection of delicate casting is ensured because tumbling action of the barrel and slow speed rotation of barrel. Electronic time is used for machine can be pre-set for blasting cycle. All controls are centrally located on the machine itself.

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