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Wet Blasting Cabinet

Wet blaster works on induction-suction principle of blasting. It is self-contain System which uses slurry of abrasive media & water to, descale, clean and degrease surfaces in a single operation.  Fine abrasive particles are suspended in water and then pumped to a nozzle as slurry. The slurry is introduced into air-stream and propelled against the job, at the nozzle. The process is free of dust and is close-loop. Water acts as a buffer between metal & media to cushion the shock on delicate components. In this method cabinet hopper contains the slurry of abrasive and water liquid). The slurry is continuously agitated to ensure a through mining of the abrasive and the liquid.  Slurry is drawn up by pump through flexible pipe to the nozzle of the blast gun. Where it is propelled by compressed air to increase the velocity. The hopper like bottom of blast cabinet, collected fired slurry from nozzle, from where it is passed to slurry pump for recycling. In blasting chamber provide valve, which controlled the quantity of slurry to the blast nozzle. After wet blasting, washing gun will be provided for cleaning of job. Wet blaster machine is useful in tool room to remove feather burrs from multi tooth cutting tools such as milling cutters, taps eliminating hours of hand honing time and broaches. The machine surface can be treated without damage to sharp edges and exact tolerances.


Available in two standard models:

  • AWB-9182
  • AWB-12090

Options available on request:

  • Higher output blast guns in place of standard.
  • ON / OFF fitted with optional accessories.
  • Foot operated treadle switches for blasting.
  • High capacity slurry pump for high output.

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